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EndNote X9

Guide to using EndNote reference management software

Using Groups

References can be organised into ‘Groups’, which can also be arranged into 'Group Sets', which are displayed in the left EndNote Library pane.

To create a Group or Group Set:

  • Go to the Groups menu, or right click on any of the groups / group sets in the left pane, e.g. My Groups, and select Create Group Set or Create Group.
  • Give your Group set / Group a name.
  • Click and drag references into the group, using the Ctrl key to select more than one, or select references and go to the Groups menu, then select Add references to.

If you remove a reference from a group it will remain in your library and can be found in All References. You can put a reference in more than one Group, which will not duplicate the reference.

To see which Group a reference is in, right-click on the reference, or go to the References menu, and select ‘record summary’.

Some temporary Groups are automatically created when you carry out certain functions in EndNote:

  • Duplicate References: This Group shows the results when you search for duplicates in your library.
  • Imported References: This Group shows the last set of references imported into the library and is replaced each time you import a new set of references.
  • Search Results: This Group shows the results of the last search performed on the current EndNote library. If you search again, the new search results replace the previous ones.
  • Find Full Text Group Set: When you use the Find Full Text command to find the full text of a reference, a Find Full Text Group Set appears, containing several temporary Groups. They include Searching, Found PDF, Found URL and Not Found.