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Wojciech Janik

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Wojciech Janik
I am the Area Liaison Coordinator and Area Liaison Librarian for Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, and Eurasia at the UCL SSEES Library.

Academic Liaison

I primarily liaise with SSEES academics who specialize in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, and Eurasia. My role involves working closely with relevant academic staff to identify their research needs. I select and acquire both digital and printed resources that effectively support teaching and research at the School. I also provide training and support to library users.

Resource Development and Management

Prioritizing digital resources, I curate an extensive array of digital materials—such as e-books, databases, and online journals—to provide comprehensive academic support in the areas of Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, and Eurasia. In addition, I maintain a robust collection of print materials, which holds particular significance for specialized research studies in these regions.

Training and User Support

I provide tailored guidance to library users through group or individual training sessions on a variety of topics, including how to use specialized databases or how to conduct research effectively.

Outreach and Communication

I serve as primary point of contact for any queries or feedback related to SSEES Library collections. I use SSEES Library's social media (Twitter account and Facebook page) to connect with library users and share updates about new resources and events.

Up-to-Date Guides to SSEES Library Collections

For quick answers to initial questions or information about our digital and printed resources, you may find our comprehensive and up to date LibGuides particularly useful.

Contact Information

For direct communication, related to my area of responsibility, please get in touch with me via the contact link on this page. For more general inquiries, you can use the UCL Library Chat or email:

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