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LibrarySkills@UCL: Communicating and sharing information

A guide to scholarly communication, including sharing information through the principles of Open Research

Getting Started

In today's society communication of information is rapid and easy through a number of tools and technologies. When you're getting started, you should understand:

  • some of the different formats for communicating research;
  • the importance of using different sources to get a variety of perspectives on a topic.

UCL Academic Communication Centre (ACC)

UCL's Academic Communication Centre (ACC) is a support service to enhance your discipline-specific writing and speaking skills. This includes:

  • organising and structuring your academic writing;
  • critical reading and writing;
  • articulating your voice and stance;
  • synthesising sources, referencing and avoiding plagiarism;
  • academic language;
  • presenting your research for oral assessments;
  • understanding the conventions of genres such as essays, dissertations, lab reports.

The ACC also provides specific support for students undertaking dissertations, with online materials and live online courses.