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Library Liaison with Faculties and Departments

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Decorative imageOur Subject Liaison Librarians and Site Library Teams each provide specialist support to staff and students within UCL faculties and departments. Here we provide an overview of this support, and how to contact us.


What we do

Subject Liaison Librarians and Site Library teams provide a variety of support to faculties and departments. We:

  • communicate strategic updates about library spaces, services and resources
  • engage on key topics related to student experience, including online reading lists, student survey scores and student use of library services and resources
  • provide library inductions to new students and staff 
  • deliver subject-specific library skills training to groups and individuals
  • develop and maintain discipline-specific resource collections

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When to engage with us

We welcome your questions and feedback at any time. Please contact us about any of the key areas outlined below in particular:

New academic staff and researchers

We provide an overview of support for new academic staff and researchers on our website. We invite you to get in touch with your Subject Liaison Librarian or Site Library Team to discuss how we can support your research and teaching. 

Programme and Module Approval (PMAP)

We will help you identify library resources currently available to support a new programme or module, and advise whether significant investment in new resources would be needed. We will also advise on where library skills training could be embedded in new programmes or modules. Contact us prior to submitting new programme or module proposals.

Student Inductions

Invite us to deliver a tailored library induction to new students, providing subject-specific and local library information to complement our online library induction materials, and an opportunity for students to meet and connect with their Subject Liaison Librarian or Site Library team.

Course readings and reading lists

We arrange training and support on how to use our reading list system, ReadingLists@UCL, and support requests for new readings for your modules. More information about reading lists and our process for ordering new course readings is available on our website.

Assignments, dissertations and research projects

We provide course embedded library skills training for your students in areas such as literature searching, referencing and reference management. Find out more about library skills support for academic programmes.

Resource Collections

Contact us to learn more about the resource collections that support research and teaching in your subject area and to request new resources. Our online subject guides are a good starting point for a general overview, highlighting key library resources, contacts and skills for specific subject areas.

Faculty and departmental committees

Invite us to Student Staff Consultative Committees, and Library or Teaching Committees. We provide general updates on library resources and services, or on specific topics of your choice, and take questions and feedback from students and staff.

How to contact us

Related support within Library Services

There are many teams working to support different aspects of research, teaching and learning support. Where we feel that you are best supported by another team, we will refer you appropriately.