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Reference management software

This guide introduces reference management software and the options available to users of UCL Library Services.

What is Reference Management Software?

Reference management software enables you to:

  • collect references;
  • store references and notes;
  • organise references;
  • format references in a required referencing style to create a bibliography;
  • insert in-text citations into a document as you type. This will also generate a reference list or bibliography at the end of your document, based on those citations.


Some packages also have further features:  

  • social networking;
  • annotation and highlighting tools within PDFs of resources;
  • sharing and collaboration tools.

Reference management software packges (also known as reference / citation managers) are web-based. Some packages also have a desktop version that allows more functionality.

Reference management software is most useful for users who are undertaking:

​UCL Library Services has a wealth of expertise in using reference management software, and provides extensive support through training sessions and short troubleshooting sessions.

Reference management software packages

Reference management software packages supported at UCL are:

There are other freely available and paid options, for which UCL Library Services does not provide support, including: