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SSEES Area Guide to Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Eurasia


UCL SSEES Library subscribes to a large number of both electronic and print versions of newspapers and journals.

Recent years have seen a transition from print to electronic versions and, as a result of this, more and more journals are available electronically. This is particularly true for Russia and the former Soviet Union countries, where dozens of regional and central newspapers are available online, including extensive archives in many cases. Most of the journals and newspapers are in local languages, however the Library also holds many journals published in western languages, particularly in English, that are often available in online format.

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Journal locations

To discover which versions (print/electronic/microfiche) are available, check the Library catalogue on Explore by inputting the journal title. To search for a title, please select "Journal titles" from the drop-down menu. The search result will show the location of the journal and indicate whether is available in print and/or electronic version.

If the journal is available in print form, in most cases it will be located on the open shelves on the Lower Ground Floor of the Library.

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Types of periodical publications

Used to disseminate scholarly information that relates to a particular academic discipline. They are aimed at researchers and are often peer-reviewed, which means that articles are evaluated by experts in the field before publication to ensure the information in them is accurate and well presented. An example of academic journal is the Slavonic and East European Review.

Generally printed on glossy paper (but can also be available online), they are aimed at a more general audience than academic journals and can include opinions and news items too. An example of magazine is the Times Educational Supplement.  

Published on a daily basis, the focus of these is on news items. They can include a section on education, but are wide in scope. An example of newspaper is Baltic Times

Usually published by a special group, learned society or professional organisation and aimed at people working in a specific industry. An example of trade publication is Slavic & East European Information Resources.

Key journals and newspapers in the subject area

Here you will find some key periodicals from our collections. Please note that this is just a selection. You will find more by accessing our catalogue or by browsing the Eastview database that provides the majority of our digital holdings from the area, including Russian central and regional newspapers, periodicals of the Baltics, Belarus, Moldova, Ukraine, or Central Asia, Caucasus and more.