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Journals at UCL

You can search for journal titles and journal articles in Explore.

You can also search, or browse, a comprehensive list of online journals available at UCL. A link to this list is at the top of the Explore home screen.

Types of periodical publications

Used to disseminate scholarly information that relates to a particular academic discipline. They are aimed at researchers and are often peer-reviewed, which means that articles are evaluated by experts in the field before publication to ensure the information in them is accurate and well presented. An example of academic journal is Art History.

Generally printed on glossy paper (but can also be available online), they are aimed at a more general audience than academic journals and can include opinions and news items too. An example of magazine is Artforum.  

Published on a daily basis, the focus of these is on news items. They can also include a broad range of arts and cultural commentary and reviews. An example of a newspaper is The Guardian

Usually published by a special group, learned society or professional organisation and aimed at people working in a specific industry. An example of trade publication is Screen International.

Art e-journals: finding articles on art & design topics

Key e-journals in Fine Art and History of Art

magazinesThe library subscribes to many periodicals and magazines covering all periods in art history, ranging from academic, peer reviewed e-journals to ephemeral print titles, current copies of which you can find on the shelves in the Main Library. Older copies of print journals may be requested from Stores

Some of the key titles available to read online include:


NewspapersNewspapers are a good source of information for art, such as historical and current exhibition reviews, artists' interviews and commentary.

You can browse a list of all the newspapers to which UCL subscribes, but some recommended archives and databases are:

Bibliographic databases for art and art history

If you need to go beyond what UCL holds and conduct a more comprehensive search of what has been published in academic journals and magazines, use these bibliographic databases: