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Support for dissertations and research projects

A guide to resources and support for undertaking dissertations or research projects

Research methods

Research methods are the tools used to help you find, collect, analyse and interpret information in order to answer your research question. Sound methodology is important to make sure your research results are trusted and respected in your field. In some disciplines, the use of standardised methods is also important to allow fellow researchers to replicate, or repeat, their studies. The resources on this page have been designed with researchers in mind and can help you choose an appropriate research method for your dissertation.


SAGE Research Methods contains over 1,000 e-books, reference works, journal articles and videos which provide information about research methods and design. The database can help provide context for writing a research question, conducting a literature review, choosing a research method, collecting and analysing data and writing up the findings. It includes a range of methods commonly used in numerous disciplines. View the Sage Research Methods Guide for further details.

Kortext and BibliU are online textbook providers, with numerous e-texts on research methods.

Open educational resources on research methods are available from the Open Access Research Methods Resource Collection.

The National Centre for Research Methods has many online resources which are intended to help people interested in social science research methods. While the Global Social Change Research Project curates a lot of open access resources, predominantly on quantitative methods with some qualitative methods. 

Once you have located background information about your research design, you may want to locate scholarly journal articles on your research topic that use a particular type of methodology. Previous dissertations and theses will also help you to determine which methodologies are appropriate for a specific research question and how to construct a research study.