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Support for dissertations and research projects

A guide to resources and support for undertaking dissertations or research projects

Writing and digital skills

Other support services at UCL can help you develop academic writing and digital skills for your dissertation or research project.

UCL Academic Communication Centre (ACC)

UCL's Academic Communication Centre (ACC) is a support service to enhance your discipline-specific writing and speaking skills. This includes:

  • organising and structuring your academic writing;
  • critical reading and writing;
  • articulating your voice and stance;
  • synthesising sources, referencing and avoiding plagiarism;
  • academic language;
  • presenting your research for oral assessments;
  • understanding the conventions of genres such as essays, dissertations, lab reports.

The ACC also provides specific support for students undertaking dissertations, with online materials and live online courses.

IOE Writing Centre Online

Self-access resources are available from the Academic Writing Centre at the UCL Institute of Education. General pointers and advice are applicable to all subjects, not just education, with areas covered such as organising, structuring and editing your work, developing your academic voice and how to respond to feedback.

Digital skills

UCL ISD Digital Skills provide support for developing your digital skills, including live sessions and online learning through LinkedIn Learning.