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SSEES Area Guide to Central Europe

Welcome to Central Europe Area Guide

UCL SSEES Library is the UK’s leading specialist academic collection on Russia, Central, Eastern and South-Eastern Europe, providing a unique resource for students and researchers. The primary purpose of UCL SSEES Library is to support the academic aims of the UCL School of Slavonic and East European Studies.

For collection management purposes the Library's holdings are divided into four distinctive areas, maintained by a dedicated team of four Area Liaison Librarians, each responsible for a respective area. This guide focuses on library resources for the Central Europe area. To learn more about the other areas please check the relevant guide. You may also find our discipline guides useful: SSEES Economics and Business, SSEES History, SSEES Politics and Sociology and SSEES Languages and Culture.

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Description of the area

The Library supports taught courses at the School, but the collection is research-level in nature and contains an impressive array of traditional and digital resources.

The Library builds and maintains research-level collections of international importance, covering a range of formats from print and electronic books, journals and newspapers, to databases, archive collections, rare books, maps and audio-visual resources. The Library’s holdings strongly support research in the humanities, social sciences, and East European studies.

The main fields of interest are history, politics, sociology, economics, geography, languages, literature and culture. Subsidiary fields of interest are the arts, anthropology, demography, ethnography and religion. In addition, current topics such as the European Union, Eurasian integration, media, migration, human rights, gender studies, and environmental issues are well represented.

This guide provides an overview of resources dedicated to the study of Central Europe. The Library's Central European collections include the print and electronic resources on the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary.

Key resources on Central Europe