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Science and Technology Studies

Journals and E-Journals

The physical book and journal collections for Science and Technology Studies are located on the 3rd floor of the Science Library (the DMS Watson building).  The 3rd floor of the Science Library holds all the physical collections for departments within the Maths and Physical Sciences Faculty.

The library catalogue (called Explore) is the principal tool to find books, journals and other materials (either in print or in electronic format) held in UCL libraries. On the catalogue, you will find the details with the details of the location of the materials you are looking for: library site, collection and shelfmark.

If you know the title of the article you need, you can enter it directly in the Explore search box. If UCL Libraries have an electronic subscription to the journal in which the article is published, this will appear in your results list and you can download the full-text following the instructions provided.  The same applies if you're looking for a journal article using one of the many article-specific UCL Databases

Types of periodical publications

Used to disseminate scholarly information that relates to a particular academic discipline. They are aimed at researchers and are often peer-reviewed, which means that articles are evaluated by experts in the field before publication to ensure the information in them is accurate and well presented. An example of academic journal is Philosophy of Science.

Generally printed on glossy paper (but can also be available online), they are aimed at a more general audience than academic journals and can include opinions and news items too. An example of magazine is Nature.

Published on a daily basis, the focus of these is on news items. They can include a section on education, but are wide in scope. An example of newspaper is The Guardian

Usually published by a special group, learned society or professional organisation and aimed at people working in a specific industry. An example of trade publication is New Scientist.