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Systematic reviews

Software for systematic reviews

A range of software is available for systematic reviews, especially to support screening and data extraction but also for other stages of the process. Specialist systematic review software may also contain functions for machine learning, data-analysis, visualisation and reporting tools. It is also possible to use reference management software or Excel for some of the stages of reviewing.

Reference management software

Although reference management software such as EndNote, Mendeley and Zotero are not bespoke review management tools, they can be used for systematic reviews. The Journal of Medical Library Association, for example, has documented the use of EndNote. In addition, below are some links that discuss the use of Mendeley and Zotero for systematic reviews.



Mendeley is only suitable for systematic reviews if you have the desktop version already downloaded, as the replacement, Mendeley Reference Manager does not currently have a deduplication option. Mendeley Desktop is no longer available to download for new users and will only be available on UCL computers or on your own device using Desktop@UCL Anywhere for a limited time.