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Education (Curriculum Resources and Initial Teacher Education)

Reading schemes

The Reading Scheme collection consists of sample materials, from structured reading schemes dating from the mid-1990s to the present. This is a reference only collection.

Material is arranged on the shelves in alphabetical order of the scheme title. Where possible guides or other support material is included.

When searching UCL Explore, you can limit the search to reading schemes by searching for the term "reading scheme" in the shelfmark field, and using the filters on the left to limit to IOE or Curriculum Resources.

Graded readers

Included in the the Curriculum Resources collection is a selection of Graded Readers.

These are generally aimed at secondary students and adults, and include series written for English learners as well as secondary students with reading difficulties and adult literacy students.

When searching UCL Explore, you can limit the search to this collection by searching for the term "graded readers" in the shelfmark field, and using the filters on the left to limit to IOE or Curriculum Resources.

Any titles from this collection can be borrowed.  You can see a list of the series in the Graded Readers collection below:

Basic Skills Agency

From 1993 to 2005, the Basic Skills Agency (BSA) funded a collection of basic skills materials housed and managed at the Institute of Education Library. When Agency funding ceased, the BSA passed the collection to the Institute to sit alongside other library teaching resources. The collection is for reference use only and is shelved alongside the Curriculum Resources collection on level 4.

Although the Basic Skills collection is no longer added to, it remains a valuable source of ideas for teaching adults and young adults.  Materials can be found in a variety of formats: books, videos, audio-tapes, CDs, games and graphics. While literacy and numeracy teaching resources are the foundation of the collection, other areas include: ESOL resources, family learning, and support for students with learning difficulties.

The Library also holds the Basic Skills Agency Archive of BSA publications dating back to the 1970s. These items are listed on UCL Explore and can be ordered in advance via Explore.

When searching the library catalogue you can limit the search to materials in the Basic Skills collection by using "BSA" as a search term. This will bring up holdings on shelves and in the BSA Archives.