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Education (Curriculum Resources and Initial Teacher Education)

Welcome to Curriculum Resources and Initial Teacher Education Subject Guide

This guide has been put together by your specialist library subject team, and provides advice and information regarding materials and resources that support research in, and practice of, teaching and education. 

The Curriculum Resources Collection is the UCL Institute of Education library's collection of teaching resources.  This Subject Collection contains materials published for young people that support and complement teaching and learning, both subject-specific and extra-curricular development, covering all ages from early years to post-compulsory level education.  You will find further details about this particular collection in this guide, as well as further resources for researchers, trainees and practicing teachers.

This is one of four guides dedicated to different aspects of education. To find out more, you can also consult the following:

You can find key information about the Institute of Education Library such as address, opening times, phone numbers and more, on the IOE Library information page.

Subject Collections

The Curriculum Resources Collection at IOE is made up of a wealth of resources that support teaching and learning across the stages, from Early Years to Post-16 education.  It includes:

  • Fiction.
  • Non-fiction.
  • Children's Book Corner.
  • Reading schemes. 
  • Audiovisual materials.
  • Games, kits and flashcards.
  • Basic Skills collection.
  • Graded readers.
  • Journals, including professional publications and those for young people.

You can find out more about these parts of the collection via the pages on this guide.

The Library provides online access to resources on education, for ITE trainees and teachers, including eBooks, journals and databases.  These are collected on other pages in this guide, providing recommendations and further information on how to access these resources.

Key resources: Books and ebooks

You can visit the Books and e-books page in this guide to find out more about the book collection, but below are some key titles for ITE trainees.  You can use the link at the end of the list, to to UCL Explore and search for titles across the UCL Library collections.

Key resources: Databases

You can visit the Databases page in this guide to find further recommendations for ITE trainees.

Below are two key databases for ITE trainees to get started with: 

Key resources: Professional journals and literature

Lastly, the publications of specialist teaching associations are valuable journals for trainee teachers.  We have collated information regarding the various associations, their publications, our holdings to these and any open access materials, via the link below: