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A subject guide for the UCL Department of Anthropology

Books and e-books

The principal book collection for Anthropology is located on the first floor of the Science Library.

Explore is UCL's library catalogue. This is the principal tool to find books, journals and other materials (either in print or in electronic format) held in UCL libraries. On the catalogue, you will find details such as: library site, collection and shelfmark, when you are looking for print resources. In order to access e-books via Explore, you will always need your UCL user ID and password.

Print books are arranged on the shelves according to their shelfmark. For example:

ANTHROPOLOGY B 34 LEW for a book on primate evolution

ANTHROPOLOGY QG 300 PRI for a book on Neur religion in Southern Sudan

Other collections

  • Art: is a useful collection that contains more specific material on art for a background in visual culture. The collection also includes Film Studies.
  • History: is a useful collection for individual European countries' political, social and economic history and the Latin American History collection for extensive coverage of Latin American social, political and economic history.
  • Economics: is a useful collection for background material on this subject.
  • Geography: is a useful collection for material on human geography and physical geography.
  • Biosciences: is the library subject guide for the UCL Division of Biosciences. Relevant Science Library book collections for this Division include: Biological Sciences, Biology and Medical Sciences. These contain additional material on evolution, ecology, evolutionary biology, genetics, human anatomy, physiology, molecular biology, pharmacology, immunology, history of medicine, biochemistry and conservation.
  • Psychology: is a useful collection for additional material on psychology and the human sciences.


  • Archaeology: is the main collection for archaeology, egyptology and prehistory. There is also material in this library on museum studies.
  • Built Environment: is the subject guide for the Bartlett UCL Faculty of the Built Environment, which includes book collections on architecture, sustainable heritage, energy, sustainable resources and environmental design.
  • Language and Speech Sciences: is the subject guide for the UCL Division of Psychology and Language Sciences. the LaSS library contains useful additional material on linguistics and human communication.

General reference works and encyclopedias

Consult introductory material or general reference works for a broad overview of your issue or topic, and to identify key concepts, theories and researchers in the field. Introductory material may include:

  • subject or discipline specific dictionaries and encyclopaedias.
  • handbooks.
  • companions.
  • introductions.
  • guides.
  • biographies.
  • histories.

Find introductory material in Explore by combining a topic keyword with one of the material type descriptors above, e.g. international enceclopedia of anthropology.

These are some examples of introductory material available electronically for Anthropology. The list is not extensive, and you should perform your own searches on Explore to see what else is available in print in UCL Libraries.

Stores service

UCL Library Services off-site store is a closed access collection which houses important research material not currently in high demand. The material at this site will have 'Store' as its location on Explore. Users can request store material for delivery to the Science Library. Users should complete a Store Request Form in order to request material from this location.