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Cochrane Library

A guide to searching and using the Cochrane Library

Viewing results

When you have run your search, select the number of results to the right of the final search line to view your search results.

Results are grouped by database and the number of results found within each database is displayed below the database name. The Cochrane Reviews are displayed first by default. Select any of the other tabs to view a different category of results.

The options are:

  • Cochrane Reviews
  • Cochrane Protocols
  • Trials (CENTRAL)
  • Editorials
  • Special Collections
  • Clinical Answers
  • More (Epistemonikos, Health Systems Evidence, Social Systems Evidence)

Screenshot of tabs on Cochrane Results Screen

You can find out more about each database in the What is the Cochrane Library? section of this guide.

To preview the abstract for a single search result, select Show Preview beneath the result. To view previews of abstracts for all the results in the list, select the Show all previews link above the list of results.

Sorting Results

Search results are automatically sorted by Relevancy. You can use the Order by drop-down menu, above the first result in the list, to change the sort order to title, or publication date.

Screenshot of Cochrane Results - Sort order menu

You can change the number of results per page using the drop-down menu above the search results, to the right of the screen. 25 results per page is the default.