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Cochrane Library

A guide to searching and using the Cochrane Library

Printing, emailing and exporting your results

You can print single Cochrane Library records, share them by email, or share them to various social media platforms. 

You can export multiple records as a text file, or to reference management software.

Printing, emailing or sharing a single record

You can print a single Cochrane Library record:

  • Select the title of a record to view the full record.
  • Use the print icon in the right hand menu.
  • You can usually select which sections of the record to print (all sections are selected by default).

Print, share, and email icons.

Alternatively, you can use the right hand menu to email Trials, Editorials, Special Collections, or Clinical Answers records to yourself, or to someone else, by selecting the email icon.

Cochrane Reviews and Protocols can be shared by downloading the full-text PDF from the right hand menu, and then sharing that as an email attachment.

You can also use the options in the right hand menu of any Cochrane Library record to share that record to Twitter, Mendeley, Facebook, LinkedIn, or WhatsApp.

Exporting results

You can export multiple search results for the following categories:

  • Cochrane Reviews.
  • Cochrane Protocols.
  • Trials.
  • Clinical Answers.

Please note that you will need to export the results that are listed under each category separately.

You can either select the individual results that you would like to export, by ticking the checkboxes to the left of the results, or you can use the checkbox above the list of search results to Select all.

Select all checkbox and Export selected citations link.

Once you have selected some results, use the Export Selected Citation(s) link to choose an export option from the following:

  • Plain text.
  • RIS (EndNote).
  • RIS (Reference Manager).
  • RIS (ProCite).
  • Bibtext.
  • CSV (Excel).

You will be able to print out the plain text file, or share it as an email attachment, but please note that the plain text option is in a tagged (Cochrane Library style) format.

These export options can also be used to download single, or multiple references to the three reference management packages supported at UCL: EndNote, Mendeley and Zotero. Instructions for downloading to these packages can be found in the menu on this page.

Instructions for exporting to Excel, for Windows or Mac, can be found on the Cochrane Library's Export help page. 

The maximum number of article citations that can be exported from a single search is 20,000. If your search has more results, limit your results by date to reduce the size of your search to sets containing less than 20,000 citations.