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Electronic books (e-books)

Guide to finding, using, and citing e-books at UCL.

Annotating, note-taking and bookmarking

Some e-book platforms allow you to make notes within e-books, highlight text and bookmark relevant pages of an e-book. Most platforms also allow you to create your own e-bookshelves, where you can save e-books that you like.

Here we outline how to make the most of some of these key useful features in four major e-book platforms.


Highlighting text in the BibliU online reader and app will trigger a box with annotation options to appear. From there, you can highlight the selected text, add an annotation, open the speed reader, copy text, or share the page link. View your annotations by clicking the pencil icon in the top left corner of the reader:

Screenshot of the web reader in BibliU showing the annotating options.


Highlighting text in the Kortext online reader and app will open a box with annotation options. You can choose to highlight, create note, copy, export reference, or search for a word on the Web from there. View your notes, bookmarks, and references in a tab on the left hand side of the online reader by clicking the relevant icon on the grey bar. In the app, click on the three lines at the top to access the book's table of contents, your bookmarks and your notes / highlights.

Screenshot of the web reader in Kortext showing the annotating options.

ProQuest Ebook Central

Highlighting text in the Ebook Central online reader will trigger a box with icons to show up. You can choose to copy, highlight, or add an annotation from there. View your annotations on the bar on the left hand side by clicking the star icon. The options to highlight, annotate, and bookmark a page are also available on the grey bar on top of the web reader.

Screenshot of the web reader in Ebook Central showing the annotating options.


Highlighting text in the VLeBooks online reader will open a box with annotation options. From there, you can choose to: copy the text, look up a word in the built-in dictionary, find all instances where a word occurs in the e-book, highlight text, or add an annotation. You can view all your bookmarks, highlighted text, and notes in the Annotation tab on the bar on the left hand side of the Web reader.

Screenshot of the web reader in VLebooks showing the annotation options and annotations tab.