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Electronic books (e-books)

Guide to finding, using, and citing e-books at UCL.

Frequenty Asked Questions

Can I download an e-book to my Kindle?

UCL cannot purchase e-books in the Kindle format so your only option is to send DRM-free PDFs to the Kindle. The content will not reflow / resize.

What is E-books on demand@UCL?

E-books on demand@UCL is a series of projects involving users in the acquisition of e-books by UCL Library Services. Read more about how it all works on our E-books on demand@UCL webpage.

I linked to an e-book via the findit@UCL menu but the website won't give me access - what should I do?

Please contact the e-resources team and we will investigate and hopefully resolve the problem!

UCL does not provide access to the e-book I'm looking for.

You can suggest a purchase of the e-book. If an e-book doesn't exist but UCL's libraries hold a physical copy and you are unable to come to campus, you can request for a portion of the book to be scanned and emailed to you through our Scan and Send service.

Will I be able to use UCL's e-books after I graduate?

Most UCL e-resources can only be accessed by current students, so you will lose access to e-book platforms after your course ending date. There are some journals that you will continue to have access to as UCL an alumnus. Find out more about the free e-journal access available to UCL alumni.

Are there similar platforms for film and video?

Yes, UCL provides access to Kanopy and BoB (Box of Broadcasts) among others. View the complete list of film and video streaming services and databases available to UCL students.