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Our guides, training and support enable you to develop your library and information literacy skills and make the best use of UCL’s libraries and resources.

Linking to library resources from your Moodle course

The 'Library Resources' block in Moodle is a great way to encourage students to make use of library resources and services by adding quick links in a block to the right hand menu within the Moodle course for your academic module. You can select which quick links to display, including UCL Explore, LibrarySkills@UCL, reading lists and past exam papers.

Adding the Library Resources block to your Moodle course

To add the 'Library Resources' block to your Moodle course:

  • Log in to your Moodle course and click on Turn editing on.
  • Scroll to the bottom of the right hand menu and select Library Resources from the drop-down menu under 'Add a block'.
  • The 'Library Resources' block will appear at the bottom of the list of blocks. Click and drag the four-way arrow icon to move the block to another place in the right column.
  • Click the cog icon and then Configure Library Resources block to select which links to display, where the block appears within your Moodle course and where on the page. Click on Save Changes.

Linking to reading lists from the Library Resources block in Moodle

The Library Resources block includes a link to the online reading list which corresponds to the module code associated with your Moodle course, but you can also choose to add additional links to other reading lists, such as our list, 'Academic communication skills resources'.

To link to reading lists other than the default list that corresponds with your Moodle course:

  • Log in to your Moodle course and click on Turn editing on.
  • From the 'Library Resources' block, click the cog icon and then Configure Library Resources block.
  • Click on Additional Reading List 1 to expand the options. 
  • In the 'Code' box, type the Portico module code for the list you require. To link to the 'Academic communication skills resources' reading list, type 'ACADEMIC_COMMUNICATION_SKILLS'.
  • Check the 'Display' box.
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on Save Changes.