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Subject guide for the UCL School of Management

Types of periodical publications

Academic (or scholarly) journals: used to disseminate scholarly information that relates to a particular academic discipline. They are aimed at researchers and are often peer-reviewed, which means that articles are evaluated by experts in the field before publication to ensure the information in them is accurate and well presented. An example of academic journal is the Academy of Management Review. 

Magazines: generally printed on glossy paper (but can also be available online), they are aimed at a more general audience than academic journals and can include opinions and news items too. An example of magazine is Harvard Business Review.  

Newspapers: published on a daily basis, the focus of these is on news items. They can include a section on education, but are wide in scope. An example of newspaper is The Financial Times

Trade publications: usually published by a special group, learned society or professional organisation and aimed at people working in a specific industry. An example of trade publication is Adweek.

Key academic journals in your subject area

Non-academic sources in your subject area

The following are all examples of non-academic sources. They are either magazines or trade publications in the areas of business and management. These publications have not been peer-reviewed and tend to be opinion-led publications or publications associated with a particular industry. These are not all the business magazines or trade publications that UCL subscribes to. UCL provides online access to other non-academic periodical titles and so be sure to do a title search in Explore to find further, similar titles.