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Maps: sources and collections

UCL staff and students have access to online map services, as well as physical map collections.


Digimap is an online service delivering maps and map data for Great Britain. It comprises several collections, including Ordnance Survey, historical, geological, aerial and environmental maps.

Maps can be generated and viewed online and data is available to download to use with appropriate software (GIS or CAD software).

Help with using Digimap, including FAQs and YouTube video demonstrations is available within the service from the Digimap Help Centre.

Map collections at UCL

UCL library collections

  • Atlases are available in reference collections across UCL's libraries. 
  • Ordinance Survey Landranger maps are available for reference use in the Science Library Short Loan Collection.
  • Maps relating to specific topics can be found within different subject collections.

UCL Department of Geography Map Library

The Department of Geography Map Collection has maps that cover most of the world’s area including topographic and thematic maps, as well as a wide selection of atlases and flat sheets. It is located in the Anne Oxenham Map Room, LG13, 26 Bedford Way and is primarily for use by the UCL Department of Geography and other UCL students and staff.

Senate House Library Map Collection

A large collection of maps of London and Great Britain is available at Senate House Library, totalling approximately 67,000 sheets. The collection includes Ordinance Survey series maps, including 1:10,000 maps covering all of Great Britian, 1:2,500 maps for Greater London and 1:1,250 maps for Central London. It also features early maps and facsimiles, town plans, and thematic maps for Great Britain and other countries.

British Library Map Collection

This is the national map library of Great Britain, with a collection of over 4.25 million atlases, maps, globes and books on cartography dating from the 15th century to the present day. There is a large range of historical material and cartography, and the library collects all newly published British material as part of legal deposit, supplementing modern collections with donated maps and purchases of overseas maps. 

You will need to apply for a reader pass to access the British Library Collections.