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A subject guide providing links to library resources available for psychology students and staff in UCL Division of Psychology and Language Sciences.

Key databases for Psychology

The essential indexing and abstracting database for literature searching for Psychology, is PsycInfo.  Depending on your topic it will be important to search other databases too.  

A number of databases are highlighted on this page, but this list is not exhaustive.  It may be useful to reference other subject guides, such as; Computer Science for Human Computer Interaction, Management, Language and Speech Sciences, Education or Neurology.

Interdisciplinary databases

I would advise searching at least one of these databases as part of any literature search. Both are significant in terms of content and subject scope. Remember to check  'help' pages provided in each database, as the search operators and defaults for combining your search terms differ. Expect a large number of duplicate papers if you search both.

These services offer citation searching features and are key for bibliometrics

Medical databases

Medline (or the freely available PubMed) would be key for the majority of literature searches for Psychology topics.  Other databases may be relevant according to your research or topic area. This list is not comprehensive. See the A-Z database list for more.

The Medicine Subject Guide has a section on literature searching that covers techniques and resources that will be useful for a number of Psychology related topics and professionals.

Services for systematic reviews

Prospero is hosted by The Centre for Reviews and Dissemination, University of York. CRD is a "research department that specialises in evidence synthesis, assembling and analysing data from multiple research studies to generate policy relevant research." They provide a range of resources and publications useful for those undertaking systematic reviews.

Education (for educational psychology)