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Refining your search

If you retrieve an unmanageable number of results, you should first consider if you can amend your search strategy to make it more specific. You may return to the Search screen to add additional concepts, or search within your results by entering additional terms into the box at the top left of the results screen.

Alternatively, you can refine your results using the refine options in the left hand pane of the results screen. You can refine on publication details (year, journal, open access status, publication type); the authors or their countries/institutions; and subject areas or common keywords.

  • Select appropriate refine options by checking the relevant boxes.
  • Click on View more, then View all, for each refine category to make more choices.
  • Click on the Limit to or Exclude button.

If you want to examine the filter options in more detail, you can click export refine to get a full list of all available filters for your search.

Expanding your search

If you do not retrieve many results, you should first consider if you can broaden your search strategy at all. Alternatively, you may find that there simply is not much published on your topic, such as if it is a very specialist or new area. You may then consider expanding your search by identifying citing articles, viewing references in any relevant articles or using the Scopus related documents feature. 

The following video looks at expanding your search using these methods.

How to expand your search results

How to expand your search: video from Scopus.