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Ovid databases

Guide to using Ovid databases

Changing databases

The option 'Change' is shown immediately above the database name.

The name of the database you are searching appears above the search box. To see detailed information about the database, click on the information icon next to the name of the database.

If you are doing a comprehensive search, you may wish to repeat your search in another Ovid database. To change to another database, click Change on the main search page above the current database name and then choose either:

  • OK, to start a brand new search in the new database. This clears everything from your previous search, so remember to capture what you need first.
  • Run search, to repeat the same search in the new database. Remember to check subject headings when you switch from one database to another as they might not work correctly in the second database.

It is possible to select and search more than one database at the same time. However, doing this will disable the thesaurus feature and so it is not advised for comprehensive or systematic searching.