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Ovid databases

Guide to using Ovid databases

Viewing results

Results are displayed below your search history. To view results from any previous search, click Display Results alongside the relevant search line.

At the top of the results list you can change the number of results per page and the format. 10 per page and citation style are the defaults. To view all of the abstracts, click the icon on the display toolbar with three lines.

The results menu bar. Options include print; email; export; select all; page navigation, etc.

To view the abstract for a single record, simply click the drop-down Abstract link for an individual record.

Filter options to the left of search results. There are options to filter by years; subject; author; journal; or publication type.The left-hand menu displays information about your search and some options for sorting the list of results as well as filters using criteria such as year or publication type; click on the arrows to expand the options for each criteria.