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Ovid databases

Guide to using Ovid databases

Searching Ovid databases

Choose from the options above the search box to select different types of search, including:

  • Advanced Search: This is the default search option and is recommended for carrying out a comprehensive search on a topic. It allows you to develop a systematic search strategy, taking advantage of a structured thesaurus of subject headings.
  • Basic Search: This search option is useful for quick searches on a topic but is not recommended for comprehensive, systematic searching as you are likely to miss relevant items. To use Basic Search, simply type a word or phrase and click the Search button. Tick the Include Related Terms box if you want to automatically include similar terms in your search.
  • Multi-Field Search: This search option allows you to find words or phrases in a particular field, such as the Author or the Title field, as well as combining concepts together to build a more complex search. 

Ovid search options