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Library Services




A subject guide providing links to library resources available for students and staff in the Division of Biosciences at UCL.

Key databases for Biosciences

Highlighted are key indexing and abstracting services for literature searching within the Biosciences.  This list is not comprehensive and a range of other resources will also be relevant.

Interdisciplinary databases

I would advise searching at least one of these databases as part of any literature search. Both are significant in terms of content and subject scope. Remember to check  'help' pages provided in each database, as the search operators and defaults for combining your search terms differ. Expect a large number of duplicate papers if you search both.

These services offer citation searching features and are key for bibliometrics

Specialist and full text services

The following services offer focused subject resources and in some cases, full texts of journal articles.  This list is indicative.  For more, please go to the Library database A-Z list and use the subject drop down box at the top to narrow down to databases in your subject area.  Subject lists include Biology, Botany and Zoology. There are also lists for Biomedicine, Chemistry, Pharmacy and Neurology.  

See also other resources for Biosciences on this guide.