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Guide to using PubMed.

What is PubMed?

PubMed is a free interface for searching MEDLINE, the most popular bibliographic database in the health and medical sciences. It contains references to millions of journal articles from biomedical journals and is updated daily.

Accessing PubMed

UCL staff and students should access PubMed via the UCL Library Services databases list in order to see Findit@UCL links to UCL subscribed journals:

Other users can access PubMed directly from the PubMed homepage:

Creating a NCBI account

You will need to have a NCBI (PubMed) account set up, if you wish to use features such as saving your search results within PubMed, or to create an alert or save a search.

The way you login to your account is changing. From 1 June 2022, you will need to login using 3rd-party credentials, such as those for your Google account or institutional login. (See: NCBI Account Login Changes FAQs to see how to link 3rd-party logins to your account.)

To create an account (if you haven't already created one), use the following steps:

  1. At the top, right-hand side of the search screen, click on the Log in, button.
  2. At the bottom of the page, click on Sign up, next to 'New here?'.
  3. Use one of the listed 3rd-party login options, or to use your UCL credentials; click on more sign up options
  4. If you select more sign up options, find University College London in the list of participating institutions, and select it.
  5. Login with your UCL credentials.
  6. Finally, either create a new account, or link your login to an existing account. (You will need your 'old' NCBI username and password to link to an existing account.)