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A subject guide for the Department of Philosophy

Welcome to the Philosophy Subject Guide

This guide has been created by your Subject Liaison Librarian (see right) to provide students of Philosophy with information about the Library. The guide includes details of the relevant online and print resources, with lists of the key titles included throughout. 

The guide also provides support to use the Library's resources effectively, including how-to videos, online chat and details of further training available through Library@Skills.

This guide will help you to understand what the Library provides, which resources to use and how to use them.

Subject Collections

The Philosophy printed collection is located in the UCL Main Library, in addition to these open shelves there are off-site stores for rare and valuable special collections and the lesser used, older material.

The Library provides online access to a huge range of materials. Here are some of the key databases in this subject, providing online versions of everything from works of philosophy, to criticism, to historical newspapers:

Further information about all these resources and more can be found in this guide.

Where to study?

You can choose to study in any of UCL's Libraries and study spaces, there are bookable study spaces and group work spaces. There is also space which is for postgraduate use only.

New books in Philosophy

book cover image

The Cambridge History of Philosophy, 1945-2015

This landmark achievement in philosophical scholarship brings together leading experts from the diverse traditions of Western philosophy in a common quest to illuminate and explain the most important philosophical developments since the Second World War. Focusing particularly (but not exclusively) on those insights and movements that most profoundly shaped the English-speaking philosophical world, this volume bridges the traditional divide between 'analytic' and 'Continental' philosophy while also reaching beyond it. 

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Self-Knowledge in Ancient Philosophy

Self-knowledge - a person's knowledge of their own thoughts, character, and psychological states - has long been a central focus of philosophical enquiry. The concerns which occupy ancient thinkers with regard to self-knowledge, however, diverge in critical ways from contemporary investigations on the topic. In this volume, based upon the eighth Keeling Colloquium in Ancient Philosophy, leading scholars explore the treatment of self-knowledge in ancient Greek thought, particularly in Plato, Aristotle, Hellenistic thinkers, and Plotinus. 

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The Bloomsbury Research Handbook of Indian Philosophy of Language

The Bloomsbury Research Handbook of Indian Philosophy of Language presents a systematic survey of philosophy of language in the Indian tradition, providing an up-to-date research resource for better understanding the history and future direction of the field. Each chapter addresses a particular philosophical problem from the viewpoint of seminal traditions and specific thinkers. 

book cover image

Philosophy of Physics

A sophisticated and original introduction to the philosophy of quantum mechanics from one of the world's leading philosophers of physics In this book, Tim Maudlin, one of the world's leading philosophers of physics, offers a sophisticated, original introduction to the philosophy of quantum mechanics. The briefest, clearest, and most refined account of his influential approach to the subject, the book will be invaluable to all students of philosophy and physics.