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Research metrics

A guide to identifying and analysing research-related metrics, with support material and further guidance.for related tools


Overton is a database of policy documents and the research papers which they cite. It covers around eight million policy documents (plus working papers, official reports, etc) and five million academic papers as sources.

It can be used either as a discovery tool for policy material - it has full-text searching and indexing of policy documents - or as a citation database to try and trace the wider impact of research.

Accessing Overton

You can access the Overton dashboard directly without needing to log in, though you may need to authenticate as a UCL user.

It is also possible to register an account to save searches, set email alerts, tags and bookmarks and set up key sources lists.

UCL data in Overton

Overton does not currently support filtering for UCL outputs based on our internal data. However, it is still possible to generate this data if needed.

We recommend that if you want to look for policy documents citing research from a specific UCL unit, that you produce a list of papers using the InCites MyOrganisation data, export this from InCites, and then extract the DOIs. These can then be pasted into the "search by DOI..." field in Overton, shown below.

"Search by DOI" button in Overton

Overton will then produce a search results list covering all the matching papers in its database. Note that this is likely to be a smaller number than the output from InCites as not all papers are indexed in Overton.

Video guide

We are currently waiting for some training videos for Overton to be produced by the vendor - these will be added as soon as possible. If you would like a walk-through, please contact to arrange a session.