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SSEES Area guide to Poland, the Baltic States, Finland and Germany

Books and e-books

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The majority of the SSEES Library print collection is kept on the open shelves. Books on Poland and Germany are located on the First Floor of the Library, while books on the Baltic states and Finland are located on the Lower Ground Floor.

To find the physical location of a particular collection, please check our self-guided tour of UCL SSEES Library. The library catalogue is the principal tool to find books, journals and other material (both print and electronic format) held at UCL libraries. In the catalogue, you will find the details of the resources you are looking for such as the library site where the resource is stored, collection and shelfmark.

Pamphlets as well as fragile or rare items are held in the onsite local store and are available upon request. Low-use material is relegated to UCL Library Services off-site store. For information on how to find and request store items, please see our stores service page.


The book collection is very comprehensive and includes classic writings and works by Noble Prize winners, such as Potocki, Sienkiewicz, Reymont, Prus, Rainis, Wyspianski, Nalkowska, Krohn, Milosz, Szymborska, Tokarczuk and many others.

The collection also has an extensive selection of modern writers represented by authors such as: Stanislaw Lem, Ryszard Kapuscinski, Witold Gombrowicz, Jaan Kross, Ričardas Gavelis, Jaan Kaplinski, Juhani Aho, Andrzej Sapkowski, Magdalena Tulli, Szczepan Twardoch or Joanna Bator.

Writings on and by political and religious leaders including Wałęsa, Landsbergis, Mannerheim, Pilsudski, Dmowski, Gomulka, Jan Pawel II, Jaruzelski, contemporary political figures such as Marju Lauristin, Artis Pabriks, Leszek Balcerowicz, Jaroslaw Kaczynski, modern political writers or investigative journalists such as Mariusz Szczygieł or Wojciech Sumliński.

The Art collection includes works on such prominent artists as Beksinski, Malczewski, Abakanowicz, etc. The Cinema collection covers Eisenstein, Kieślowski, Wajda, Polański etc.

How can you tell if a book is available online?

On UCL Explore, you can look at the results of your search to quickly discover if a book is available in print or/and online: View Online means that the book is available electronically, while Available means that the book is available in print. In some cases a book is available both in print and online. 

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Other collections

  • Art includes Film Studies.
  • Economics: provides material on economic theory and policy.
  • Hebrew and Jewish studies: cover all aspects of Jewish history, languages, literature and culture.
  • History: for individual European countries' political, social and economic history and the Latin American History collection for extensive coverage of Latin American social, political and economic history.
  • Literature: includes books on literary topics not specific to any one language, literary theory, literature translated into English.
  • Philosophy: books and periodicals on European philosophy.
  • Political Science and Public policy.
  • Geography. There are sections on physical geography, human geography and material relating to specific countries.
  • The British Library holds one of the leading research collections in the world for the study of Central and Eastern Europe, Russia and the former USSR.
  • The Senate House Library holds collections specialising in the arts, literature, the humanities and social sciences.