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This guide introduces the APA referencing style and includes examples of citations

Journal article

To be made up of:

  • Author.
  • Year of publication (in round brackets).
  • Title of article.
  • Title of journal (in italics).
  • Volume number (in italics).
  • Issue (in round brackets), page numbers.
  • DOI (if available), otherwise Retrieved from and the URL of the journal home page. Retrieval date is not needed.

In-text citation:

In their review of the literature (Knapik et al., 2015)…

(Skelton, 2011) ....

(Hyland & Tse, 2007, p. 235) ....

Reference list:

Knapik, J.J., Cosio-Lima, L.M., & Reynolds, K.L. (2015). Efficacy of functional movement screening for predicting injuries in coast guard cities. Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research, 29(5), 1157-1162. doi: 10.1249/01.mss.0000495803.09668.62

Hyland, K. & Tse, P. (2007). Is there an "academic vocabulary"? TESOL Quarterly 41(2), 235-253. Retrieved from