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This guide introduces the APA referencing style and includes examples of citations

Data set references

To be made up of:

  • Author/Rights Holder.
  • Year of publication.
  • Title of dataset in italics.
  • (Version number) and separate with a semi-colon.
  • [Description of form, e.g. Data set or Data set and code book].
  • Publisher.
  • URL if available.

If you are citing published data, for example if it appears in a book or journal article, cite the publication rather than the data itself. 

In-text citation:

(Pew Hispanic Centre, 2009)

Reference list:

Pew Hispanic Center. (2009). 2007 Hispanic Healthcare Survey [Data file and code book]. Pew.

Further guidance on referencing data using APA

Follow the links below for in-depth guidance on referencing data from the APA style guide: