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Education (Policy and Official Publications)

Welcome to the Education (Official Publications) Subject Guide

This guide has been created to provide students and researchers of government policy in education with information and advice on the resources available in the Library.

This guide also provides support and advice on how to access and use these resources effectively, including how-to videos, online chat, and details of further training available via LibrarySkills@UCL.

Use the menu to see how the library can support your learning and research.

Finally, please note that this is one of four guides dedicated to different aspects of education. To find out more, you can also consult the following:

Welcome to the UCL Institute of Education Library

Subject Collections

The UCL Institute of Education Library holds extensive print and online collections of Official Publications related to education. This includes items published by the UK Government, UK Parliament (including devolved assemblies), government departments, and quangos. In addition, the collection holds publications produced by trade unions, political parties, and think tanks.

The Official Publications collection is the largest of the Special Collections within the UCL Institute of Education Library. The collection relates directly to state education in the United Kingdom from its earliest origins in the 19th century to the present day, and it is an almost comprehensive collection of official reports, legislation and other publications on education and related subjects. 

With most government information published online, the Library now maintains an open-access repository of documents specifically related to education, training, and skills. DERA (Digital Education Resource Archive) was established in 2011 and now holds over 36000 publications related to education, training, and skills.

Official Publications can sometimes be hard to find, our Official Publications in Education Reading List is a great place to start!

Key resources in your subject area: