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Education (Theory and Practice)

This guide focuses on UK education, with the collection mainly held at the IOE Library.

Education-specific resources

We have a subscription for the Teachers TV from Education in Video database, which includes 3,530 globally-acclaimed instructional videos produced in 2008 by the United Kingdom's Department of Education to train and develop teachers' skills through demonstrations and commentary by teachers, administrators, and other educational experts. 

Additionally, our Teaching Video collection includes over 1,100 over 1,100 video cassettes, DVDs and associated material built up over the last 30 years. Both recordings of broadcast television (from 1989 to 2013) and purchased commercial productions are included.

The Off-air recordings collection (in VHS cassettes or DVD discs) is held under the terms of an Educational Recording Agency licence and only available to current IOE staff and students. 

Programmes were selected to reflect the teaching interests of the IOE, and include both in-service training and other material intended for professional use.

In addition a representative selection of material intended for the general non-specialist viewer is collected, representing the wider community interest in education and related topics such as child welfare and development. This material serves to represent the wider social context, and provide a reflection of contemporary thinking.

Both the Teaching Video and the Off-air recordings collections are kept in store and need to be requested in advance. 

Streaming services

The library subscribes to video streaming services, including Kanopy, which includes award-winning documentaries, training films and theatrical releases and BoB National (Box of Broadcasts) a searchable database of TV and Radio broadcasts (including films). 

DVD collections

UCL library collections include DVDs, which can be borrowed and watched at home or in the library. You can search for a film in our DVD collection in Explore. Type your search term, for example: the title of the film or the name of the director, plus the word "DVD".