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Education (Theory and Practice)

This guide focuses on UK education, with the collection mainly held at the IOE Library.

Books and e-books

The Main Education Collection focuses on educational theory and all aspects of education in the UK, including resources produced by the devolved governments (Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales). The collection supports educational research within and beyond the Institute of Education.  

Print resources in the Main Education Collection can be found on the open shelves on level 5 of the IOE Library. It is arranged according to subject area.

Many of our resources are available as e-books and can be accessed remotely.

Our Non-Education Collection can be found on Level 3. This is dedicated to resources on subject areas distinct from, but linked to, Education, such as Sociology, Anthropology, and Psychology. The collection reflects the wider research interests pursued at the IOE.  

Some of our older or rarer material is held in our on-site and off-site stores and can be requested to view or borrow. 

How can you tell if a book is available online?

On UCL Explore, you can look at the results of your search to quickly discover if a book is available in print or/and online: View Online means that the book is available electronically, while Available means that the book is available in print. In some cases a book is available both in print and online. 

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Latest titles added to the collection

A Transdisciplinary Lens for Bilingual Education

Addressing the intersections between cognitive, sociocultural, and sociolinguistic research, this volume explores bilingual development across educational contexts to discuss and uncover the influences and impact of language in school programming and everyday practices.

Behaviour Barriers and Beyond

This practical resource helps school staff to reframe behaviour as a means of communicating a need, ensuring they can sensitively and effectively support children with a range of Social, Emotional and Mental Health (SEMH) needs and Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND). With case studies and examples woven throughout, the book focuses on relational and strength-based approaches to improve mental health and wellbeing, self-esteem, sense of safety and, in turn, behaviour and educational outcomes.

Computational Thinking Education

This book offers a comprehensive guide, covering every important aspect of computational thinking education. It provides an in-depth discussion of computational thinking, including the notion of perceiving computational thinking practices as ways of mapping models from the abstraction of data and process structures to natural phenomena. Further, it explores how computational thinking education is implemented in different regions, and how computational thinking is being integrated into subject learning in K-12 education.

Language Learning and Intercultural Understanding in the Primary School

This book shows how to deliver a progressive and holistic embedded language curriculum. It provides guidance on inclusive approaches for students with English as an additional language, including native speakers in the target language as well as language awareness activities that maximise links with learning in English.

Lived Democracy in Education

This book outlines the notion of 'lived democracy in education', bringing together interdisciplinary educational research on young citizens' democratic practices in kindergartens, schools, and teacher education. Presenting both theoretical and empirical studies, and drawing on a variety of approaches, the book investigates participatory education practices where young learners are given the opportunity to influence a course of action or a discussion through expressing arguments, information and critique.

The Contemporary Relevance of John Dewey's Theories on Teaching and Learning

Through expert analysis, this text proves that John Dewey's views on efficiency in education are as relevant as ever. By exploring Deweyan theories of teaching and learning, the volume illustrates how they can aid educators in navigating the theoretical and practical implications of accountability, standardization, and assessment.

Other collections you may find useful

The Language & Speech Science (LASS) Library holds books and periodicals on the theory and practice of language study. 

The Great Ormond Street Institute of Child Health Library holds resources relating to children's health.