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A subject guide for the Archaeology collections held in the Institute of Archaeology Library

DVD Collections


Two women and a man taking a photograph of an archaeological object using an old camera and light box

© Stuart Laidlaw, Isobel Dumet and Jane Foster in the photography studio at the UCL Institute of Archaeology, c. 1981. UCL Institute of Archaeology, CC BY-SA 4.0 <>, via Wikimedia Commons

DVD collections

UCL library collections include DVDs, which can be borrowed and watched at home or in the library. You can search for a film in our DVD collection in Explore. Type your search term, for example: the title of the film or the name of the director, plus the word "DVD".

Streaming services

The library subscribes to video streaming services, including Kanopy, which includes award-winning documentaries, training films and theatrical releases; Academic Video Online, which includes documentary films from Film Platform and the BBC Landmark video series; BFI Player, which includes subscribed feature films; and BoB National (Box of Broadcasts), a searchable database of TV and Radio broadcasts (including films). 

Resources specific to Archaeology

Images and films are important for illustrating archaeological work and also a vital research tool. Images may be sought through image databases or banks. For example: