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A subject guide for the Institute of Archaeology: Archaeology, Museum Studies and Cultural Heritage

Books at the Institute of Archaeology Library

The Library has its own classification schemes for arranging books on the shelves. Further infomation about the organisation of the Archaeology collection is available here

Books are arranged according to subject area and theme. For example: 

AB-AQ    Heritage; law; history of archaeology; field techniques
DA    Europe (DAA – DAS)
   Ancient Life (HA – HN)

Materials relating to archaeological sciences, technology and conservation are arranged separately:
J    Science (JA – JM)
K    Ancient art & technology (KA – KP)
   Conservation (LA – LC)

Museum Studies has its own class: 
M    Museum Studies (MA – MF)

 Maps showing the layout of the Institute Library collections are available in the library. 

The library catalogue is the main tool to find books, journals and other materials (either in print or online) held in UCL libraries. On the catalogue, you will find the details of the location of the materials you are looking for: library site, collection and shelfmark. For example:

INST ARCH AG HAR  for a book on cultural heritage 

Larger volumes, described as Quartos or Qtos, are shelved separately in the area to the left of the Library as you enter opposite the Issue Desk. Some outsize volumes (Folios) are shelved flat at the rear of the stacks along with a number of the larger atlases. Larger (elephant) folios and pamphlets are held off-site in stores. 

Stores Service

UCL Libraries' off-site store is a closed access collection which houses important research material not currently in high demand. The material at this site will have 'Store' as its location on Explore. Users can request store material for delivery to the Science Library. Users should complete a Store Request Form in order to request material from this location. 

Other Collections

  • Ancient History: includes materials on the ancient based on textual and historical sources
  • Art: includes material on museums, curation and the history of art.
  • Greek & Latin: covering all aspects of classical history, languages, literature and culture 
  • Hebrew & Jewish Studies: covering all aspects of Jewish history, languages, literature and culture.
  • History: is a useful collection for individual European countries' political, social and economic history 


  • Anthropology: includes material on human behaviour and societies, past and present.
  • Geography: for human geography, including topics such as migration, development and the environment.