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A subject guide to library resources for students and staff in the Faculty of Medical Sciences including the UCL Medical School

On this page

On this page you can learn what journals and articles are, how to find them to support your studies and research, and what to do if you cannot find the full-text of an article.

What are journal articles?

In medicine and health related disciplines, journals are a key source of information. Journals are published regularly and contain succinct research reports from many different authors. 

Evidence-based practice is an essential component of being a healthcare professional. Academic journals are a significant tool enabling the constant updating of the evidence base, so it's important you get to grips with finding and evaluating their contents early on in your degree programme.

Depending on the citation style, journal titles may be written in full or they may be abbreviated. It is important that you are consistent when citing journal articles, so you will need to know where to find the full journal titles if you are only provided with the abbreviated version, e.g. the British Journal of Medical and Surgical Urology is abbreviated as Br J Med Surg Urol.

How do I find journal articles?

You can use Explore to find journal articles. This is particularly useful if you know the article title already, for example if you have been directed to read it by your tutor or found it via something else you are reading. Watch the video below to find out how to do this, and then use the Explore search box to have a go yourself!

Looking to see what else has been published on a topic to help with your research? Check out the databases pages of this guide to find out how - follow the link below.

Can't find full-text?

UCL has an amazing collection of electronic resources, but no library can have full-text access to everything. If you identify a piece of information that would be beneficial to your research, the library will try and source a copy for you via the Inter Library Loans service.You can make a request by logging into UCL Explore and then clicking on the three dots 'show more' menu to access the Inter Library Loan Request form.