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Guide to using ACM Digital Library, database of articles in computer science

Applying limits / filters to your results

ACM has several filters you can apply to your search, available below the search boxes. Select the drop down for the filter field you want to use. It is possible to enter multiple entries in a single field search, for example searching in more than one publication title.
Then type the first term you want to use and add in any additional ones. Choose if you want to match all, match any (for example searching in multiple publications) or match none before pressing search. You can also add multiple filter fields by clicking on the plus symbol. All these fields will offer suggestions when you start typing.Screenshot showing the artifact and CCS filter options.


  • Published in: you can select a particular journal or publication. Start typing and when the publication you want appears, click on it to populate the box. 
  • Artifact badges: this relates to papers that have a digital object available and the reproducibility of the study. There are a number of badges available, for example, that there is a digital object available or that the digital object has been independently evaluated. You can see a full list of the artifact badges and their meanings on the ACM Digital Library's website.
  • Funding agency: search by different funders.
  • CCS: this is the ACM Computer Classification System, ACM Digital Library's subject headings (also referred to as Index terms in the ACM Digital Library). If an item included in ACM Digital Library has index terms attached to it, they appear in a diagram at the bottom of the item record. This field will find index terms mentioned in any part of the index terms diagram. There are primary terms (in dark grey) and secondary terms (In light grey) You can see a list and more information on the ACM Digital Library's website
  • Primary CCS: this will find the main index terms (in dark grey on the index terms diagram).
  • Publisher: find publications by specific publisher.