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ACM Digital Library

Guide to using ACM Digital Library, database of articles in computer science

Viewing results

  • By default, results are ordered by relevant, but you can choose to sort your results by earliest (oldest), latest (most recent), downloaded (most downloaded by users of ACM Digital Library) and by cited (most highly cited. Find out more: Bibliometrics). You can also choose to view 10, 20 or 50 results at a time.
  • The main tab shows all results but you can also click on the appropriate tab to view videos (typically from conference proceedings), periodicals (journal titles or conference proceedings that may be relevant to your search), software (digital artifacts that are included with papers) or people (authors that may be relevant to your search. This allows you to click through to their author page).
  • You can also use the filters on the left hand side of the results page to further refine your results, including looking at the work of specific authors, from particular publications, by digital artefact status, or by date.
  • To open up the item record, including abstract and links to the full text of the item where available, click on the title of the item. 

Information in ACM Digital Library item records

The item record includes the following information:

  • Title of item and publication it is part of.
  • Author, with an option to click on the hyperlink to go to the author's profile page. This includes other publications by the author and bibliometrics about the author, such as number of citations.
  • The option to set up a Citation Alert, Save to Binder, Export Citation, or open eReader or PDF versions of full text if available. If there is no full text available, see the Accessing full text page of this guide for more information.
  • Citation and download metrics. If you click on the number of citations or downloads, and then click on the Total Citations or Total Downloads links, it will open up the Bibliometrics and Citations panel.

Total Citations and Total downloads links

  • The Bibliometrics and Citations panel also allows you to look at all the items that have cited this paper.

    Bibliometrics and Citations popout
  • You can additionally use the icon menu next to the abstract to access the Bibliometrics and Citations panel, as well as the following panels:
  • Information and Authors: a summary of the publication information and contributing authors.
  • View Options: eReader or PDF version of the full text where available.
  • References: full list of references for the item.
  • Share: provides a shareable link to the item and other sharing options.
  • Below the abstract is the full list of references and the index terms diagram where available. You can find more information about understanding index terms (also known as subject headings) on our searching guides. You can also see how to add index terms to your search on the Applying limits to your search part of this guide.