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ACM Digital Library

Guide to using ACM Digital Library, database of articles in computer science

Exporting and saving your results

All export options must be done per page, so if you want to export all results you need to repeat the export for every page of your results. You can increase the number of results per page to 50 at the top of the search results.

Exporting to a reference management software or text file

  • Select the results you want, and two options will appear: Export Citations and Save to Binder.
  • Select Export Citations and choose the appropriate export option: BibTex (a program that works with LaTeX), EndNote or ACM Ref (a text file formatted in the ACM Reference style).
  • Click on the download icon (or copy citation icon if you wish).

Exporting to your ACM Digital Library Binder

  • You need to set up an ACM Digital Library account first. To do this, click on the register button on the top right hand menu on any of the ACM Digital Library webpages. You can use a personal or UCL email address, but if you use a personal address you will still be able to log in after you leave UCL.
  • You'll then need to sign in using the personal account option to be able to save to your Binder (this is in addition to logging in to ACM Digital Library using UCL username and password if you are off site).
  • Once you have selected your results, click Save to Binder.
  • You can either save them to the default, My Reading List, or create a new binder.
  • These results can be viewed by logging in, clicking on your name in the top right hand corner and then selecting the My Binders link on the menu.
  • If you've used a personal email address you will still be able to access the list after you leave UCL, but you won't be able to access the full text of the articles.

My binders page

Screenshot of My Binders page

Once you have accessed the My Binders page, there are several Tools available:

  • Export citation: this will export all the references you have added to your Binder to a reference management software or text file as above.
  • Share Binder: you can share the Binder with someone else by entering their email address. That person will need to create an ACM Digital Library account associated with that email address to access it. They do not need to be a UCL user to do this but they may not have access to the full text of the articles. 
  • Duplicate Binder: creates an exact duplicate of the folder.
  • If you click on the title of the binder it will take you to the full list of items.
  • It also has a Create PDF from Binder option on this page. This will send a PDF to the email address you registered with This is not recommended, however, as it only saves minimal details (item title, date and article) and links to the author profile page rather than the article itself.
  • Instead it would be recommended to use the Export Citations option and then the ACM Ref option to download a text file or copy the list of references. 
  • You can also access the full text directly from the My Binder list of items (as long as you have UCL access and it's included in ACM Digital Library) or export the details of individual articles to a reference management software or text file.