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Data and Statistics

This guide brings together resource lists of secondary data sources, support material and further guidance.

Census and population

UK census longitudinal data can be found at:

  • CeLSIUS: England and Wales (ONS LS)
  • SLS-DSU: Scotland (SLS)
  • NILS-RSU: Northern Ireland (NILS)
  • CALLS Hub: information on all three census longitudinal studies

Selected websites:

Collen Programme Data: The Collen Programme has developed interactive data visualisation tools to help explore key statistics on fertility. Interactive graphics on international population statistics and specific country profiles for Sub Saharan Africa are also available.

Global Ageing Survey (GLAS) contains interviews with 44,000 people aged 40-80 in 25 countries drawn from Asia, Americas, Europe and Africa carried out in 3 waves. It comprises cross comparative modules with HRS and SHARE on health and retirement, explores attitudes, expectations and behaviours towards later life and retirement, including financial planning for retirement.

Future of Retirement is a series of corporate reports produced for HSBC by the Institute.