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Data and Statistics

This guide brings together resource lists of secondary data sources, support material and further guidance.

Get in touch with your librarian

  • If you need help in finding data in a particular subject area, you're experiencing trouble in tracking down a specific dataset or have questions more generally, including about referencing, email your librarian direct to ask any enquiry about library services and resources.
  • You can book an appointment with your librarian for more in-depth enquiries. Email your librarian to request an appointment or fill out our individual consultation request form.

Research Data Management support

Research data management (RDM) refers to the organisation, storage and preservation of data created during a research project. For guidance on planning, day-to-day processes and archiving and sharing, email the RDM team

Advanced Research Computing Centre

ARC is UCL's research, innovation and service centre for the digital tools, practices and systems that enable science and scholarship.

UK Data Service’s data skills training

The UK Data Service offers comprehensive learning resources, training events and on-demand webinars related to several innovative aspects of data-intensive social science research. Whether you’re a new undergraduate or a veteran data analyst, there’s likely to be training or best practice guidance you’ll find useful.

From understanding more about how to use large national surveys, Census or qualitative data, through to numerous innovations, including those in modelling, simulation, big data, web-scraping, social media and more, they enable researchers at every level to access, manage and explore data:

Further help

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