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Data and Statistics

This guide brings together resource lists of secondary data sources, support material and further guidance.

Polling and behaviour

Includes the Survey of Consumer Attitudes and Behavior. Undertaken quarterly in the United States of America, the Survey of Consumers measures changes in consumer attitudes and expectations.

International Election Monitoring: Three Global Datasets on Election Quality, Election Events and International Election Observation (ICPSR 31461) is a data collection focusing on elections and election monitoring throughout the world on the national level.

An archive of social science research that makes data available from many key governmental surveys and academic research projects. Content may be downloaded or analysed online on various issues including race, economic wellbeing, voting behaviour and social attitudes.

Includes the British Social Attitudes Survey (BSA). A survey that produces annual measures of attitudinal change. It complements information gathered from large-scale government surveys that deal largely with facts and behaviour patterns, and party political attitudes data produced by polls. The data reflects patterns of continuity and change in political and religious beliefs, social identities, and charts the relative rates at which social attitudes change over time.

The Citizenship Survey provides an evidence base for government policy, principally covering the issues of community cohesion, civic engagement, race and faith, and volunteering.

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