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ProQuest databases

Guide to using Proquest databases

Advanced Search

The Advanced Search screen is the best option for carrying out a thorough or more complex search.

ProQuest advanced search - the search typed out is explained in the Search tips box.

Enter your search terms in the boxes at the top of the screen (the database will suggest terms as you start typing). You can choose to search in specific fields such as Author, Document title or Abstract. If you select Anywhere the database will search the whole text of articles, so you are likely to get a lot of results.

Use the plus button if you want to Add a row.

These additional options are also available on the Advanced Search screen:  

  • Limit your search to results which include the full text.
  • Limit your search to results which are peer reviewed.
  • Limit by date.
  • Select by Source type, eg books, newspapers, scholarly journals.
  • Select by Document type, eg article, conference, essay.
  • Select by Language.

You can also add these limits as a filter from the Results screen to refine your results.

Advanced search filter options.