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ProQuest databases

Guide to using Proquest databases

Searching ProQuest

In any ProQuest database, choose from the options above the search box to begin your search:

Basic Search

  • When you first open any ProQuest database the Advanced Search screen is displayed as the default.  You can change to Basic Search using the menu (three horizontal lines) at the top left of the screen.
  • The Basic Search screen allows you to conduct a quick search using limiters, expanders and Boolean operators like AND and OR (see the explanation boxes on this page).

Advanced Search

  • This is the default search when you open up any ProQuest database via UCL's database list.
  • To create a more complex search, you can use this Advanced Search screen. This screen offers additional tools, such as the option to search using a thesaurus. 
  • See our advanced search page for more details on using the advanced search. 

On the Basic Search screens you will also find the following options above the search boxes:

  • Publications - enables you to go to a homepage for a specific publication.
  • Browse - enables you to browse topics and featured content.
  • Change Databases - enables you to select the specific ProQuest databases you wish to search.

To find these options on the Advanced Search page, click on the menu.