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UCL Explore is the best place to search for books and e-books.

If the resource is available online it will be indicated by 'View online' or 'Full text available' link. If it's available in print, click the 'Available' link and you will find details of the library where the item is located. You can filter resources by the library, topic, date and more.

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How can you tell if a book is available online?

On UCL Explore, you can look at the results of your search to quickly discover if a book is available in print or/and online: View Online means that the book is available electronically, while Available means that the book is available in print. In some cases a book is available both in print and online. 

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How to find a book at SSEES Library

General books for SSEES Politics and Sociology courses are located in the Miscellaneous section on the First Floor of the SSEES Library. However, the Library does not have one section designated to Politics and Sociology collection. Instead, the primary division for arranging books is by country and then within that by topic. As a result, there are separate Politics and Sociology sections for each country.

Take a self-guided tour of the SSEES Library to find the collections and services relevant to your course.

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Find out more about other collections at UCL that include books and e-books on politics and sociology.