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Cultural Heritage & Museum Studies

A subject guide for the Cultural Heritage and Museum Studies collections held in the Institute of Archaeology Library

Books and E-Books


Hadrian's Wall monument, Northumbria, UK. The monument in the landscape.

© Hadrian's Wall west of Housesteads. Steven Fruitsmaak, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Cultural Heritage and Museum Studies books are shelved in the Archaeology Collection in the UCL Institute of Archaeology Library. Larger volumes, described as Quartos, are shelved in the main reading room. The main sequence is spread throughout the library. Please consult our floor plan to help you navigate the library space and this sequence. 

The Institute Library also has a grey literature library of Cultural Heritage, Museum Studies, and Archaeological Conservation materials, containing twentieth century and early twenty-first century government and organisational pamphlet resources. These materials are located in Stores and available to order. 

You can search for both books and e-books through the Library catalogue, Explore. You will find details such as: library site, collection and shelfmark for print resources. Further information about finding, using, and citing e-books is available in our e-books guide.

A guide to the Garside classification scheme for the Institute of Archaeology Library (including Cultural Heritage and Museum Studies) is available.

Other collections

General reference works, encyclopaedias and dictionaries

Consult introductory resources or general reference works for a broad overview of your issue or topic, and to identify key concepts, theories, and researchers in the field.

Introductory resources may include:

  • subject or discipline specific dictionaries and encyclopaedias.
  • handbooks.
  • companions.
  • introductions.
  • guides. 
  • biographies.
  • histories.

General introductory material for Cultural Heritage is held at INST ARCH AG. General introductory material for Museum Studies is held at INST ARCH M. 

Many introductory texts for both disciplines are now available as e-books e.g. The International Handbook of Museum Studies and the Routledge Companion to Intangible Cultural Heritage. You are advised to consult the library catalogue to locate these resources. 

Stores service

UCL Library Services off-site store is a closed access collection which houses important research material not currently in high demand. The material at this site will have 'Store' as its location on Explore. Users can request store material for delivery to the Science Library. Users should complete a Store Request Form in order to request material from this location. 

How can you tell if a book is available online?

On UCL Explore, you can look at the results of your search to quickly discover if a book is available in print or/and online: View Online means that the book is available electronically, while Available means that the book is available in print. In some cases a book is available both in print and online. 

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